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Why Soil Settles around your swimming pool!

Swimming pools can be wonderful additions to properties, but it's crucial to ensure proper installation for long-term stability. One common problem is soil settlement around the pool area. In this blog post, we will explore the causes of soil settlement and discuss preventative measures.

  • Improper compaction during pool construction can lead to settling issues later on. Neglecting to compact the soil properly before building the pool and adding a deck can result in eventual settling.

  • Leaking pipes within the pool can cause soil erosion and settlement over time. Timely detection and repair of water leaks are crucial to prevent further damage and stabilize the affected soil.

  • Insufficient footings can also contribute to soil settlement. Inadequate support for the pool deck's load, such as lacking proper footers or relying on a thin slab, can lead to settlement problems. Additionally, if the yard slopes downward behind the pool, deeper footings are necessary to prevent stem wall rotation.

  • Proper drainage is essential if the pool is situated at a higher elevation than the surrounding land. Inadequate drainage can cause water buildup around the pool, undermining the foundation and leading to settlement issues.

  • Settling of pavers around the pool deck can be an indication of underlying soil problems. Different stabilization methods may be required based on the type of paver base. Professional diagnoses and appropriate solutions, such as the Deep Lock® process or standard slab lifting, can address paver settling effectively.

To prevent soil settlement, it's important to prioritize proper compaction, address water leaks promptly, install adequate footings, ensure proper drainage, and employ effective stabilization methods. By taking these preventive measures, you can minimize the risk of soil settlement around your swimming pool.

If you're in need of a soil stabilization or concrete leveling contractor, contact BlueLadder Builders today. Our expertise can help address soil settlement issues and ensure the stability of your swimming pool.

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